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YEAR:                      2018

LOCATION:           Venice | ITA

TYPOLOGY:          Glass artwork

MuranoGlass beyond the barricades is an exhibition organized for The Venice Glass Week 2018 which aims to show the interpretation skills of glass: its innovative power in representing and confronting contemporary themes in a shattering way.


13 Murano glass factories transformed something ugly, heavy and colorless (new jersey barriers) in a beautiful, light and colorful Murano glass objects. The following artworks have been designed in collaboration with Matteo Silverio ​



The most important challenge of our time is the fight against #pollution. For decades, humankind has polluted our planet producing huge amounts of waste that often have been spilled into the sea, contaminating marine ecosystems such as the Venetian one.

Aquarium talks about sea pollution, becoming a submarine wall that divides the “healthy” sea from the polluted one. In order realize this work, maestro Matteo Tagliapietra has reinterpreted in a contemporary way ancient glass-making technique, combining them to highly innovative solutions such as the laser-cut steel supporting structure or the 3d printed shelfs to support the fishes.

Moreover, the integrated LED lights give greater tridimensionality to the shapes and, at the same time, dramatizing the theme, inviting the public to reflect on it.