YEAR:                      2012-2013

LOCATION:            Venice | ITA

TYPOLOGY:          Interior design

The project is about the renovation of an apartment in the Sestiere de Cannaregio in Venice.

The building in which the apartment is hosted, was built during the 70’, so the internal layout had been designed with many small rooms linked together by a huge corridor. The new spaces have been well-suited according to the client’s lifestyle in order to meet the owner’s needs.

All the partitions were built with plaster boards fixed on reinforced substructure. As far as dry technologies are concerned, the uses of gypsum boards has a certain benefits in terms of partitions laying speed and final product quality control.

In addition to that, the plaster boards  have allowed a certain aesthetic freedom, as well as a wider flexibility. For example, the wall between the single room and the study room has been developed in order to be easily moved, reshaping the rooms space in case of need. Moreover, the wall between the single room and the bathroom has been designed with a double front, allowing the creation of a large double-side furnishing wall.

All the apartment plants have been redeveloped. The air conditioning system has been completely upgraded, choosing a flexible and “multi-device” fan-coil system instead previous “one-machine” system. The new solution has been designed in order to ensure more comfort in the rooms, monitoring the room temperature individually in each area.

The water-saving faucets and LED or eco-friendly lighting, as well as the use of inverter technology for fan-coils have significantly reduced the annual water and electricity consumption costs.



The entire apartment has been designed as a single object in which walls, furniture and materials match in order to create an unique and special space. For this reason, several pieces of furniture have been designed and made by the architect, following the client’s desires and the project features.

As far as the apartment customization is concerned, the big map on the Studio wall symbolizes the owners’ love for travelling and can be personalized by “tagging” the places visited. Moreover, the chandelier allows to leave messages, photos or memories.

Finally, the corridor has been painted with a special acrylic product that transform the walls in a huge blackboard in which it can be written stories, phrases or just the weekly plans.