YEAR:                      2013

LOCATION:            Murano 

TYPOLOGY:          Interior design

The project was about the redevelopment of a two-storey apartment in a listed building in Murano (Venice). The project focused on an internal plan redistribution and an important energy building improvement.

A new radiant-hating plant has been developed and a 50 millimetres thick insulations has been placed on the inner side of the perimeter walls. These solutions allow to obtain a more healthy, comfortable, and eco-friendly home environment.

All the daily life activities have been concentrated downstairs, in order to be easily reachable by the 60 years old owner. The new living room (that originally had been placed upstairs), is now nearby the entrance and includes the kitchen room.

An exclusive area for the daughter’s owner has been created in the upper floor, consisting of a bed room, a small sitting room and a walk-in closet. For this purpose the attic has been completely revised and enlarged demolishing the old false ceiling and re-shaping the spaces.