YEAR:                      2013

LOCATION:            Melpignano (Lecce) | ITA

TYPOLOGY:          Multifunctional Center

TEAM:                     Matteo Silverio,

                                  Dario Notarfrancesco

ACHIEVEMENTS:  Finalist | Honorary Mention

The new multi-functional center in Melpignano has been designed stating from the desire to manipulate the existing ground by extrusion, cutting and deformation operations. Thanks to these operations, the existing land becomes the building roof, a green covering that can be used to walk, lie down or chill out. This space is an extension of the surrounding fields and can become a privileged parterre during the Notte della Taranta, one of the most famous cultural manifestations in Italy, that is organized every years in front of the project site.

Three volumes have been embedded in the dune. These “stones” are characterized by an envelope made of  calcareous marble, that is very used in the local architecture. These stones house the meeting area, the library, teaching laboratories and an experimental theater.

The outdoor area is characterized by a spider web pattern that may be settled up for promotional or food stands during the Notte della Taranta, becoming part of the manifestation. The huge web is also the infrastructure network and it hosts the public lighting system and several electric/water supply points.