YEAR:                      2012

LOCATION:            Chioggia (Venezia) | ITA

TYPOLOGY:          Sport Center

The proposal was part of a bigger project about the requalification of the Lusenzo southern lagoon, which also could have provided the construction of a boat-race centre and related facilities.

The boat-race arrival tower has been designed in order to pay tribute to the venetian rowing, rich in art and history. The building commemorate an important part of the typical venetian boat, the forcola (a shaped piece of wood in which the rower props the oar). The project strongly stands out from the unique lagoon environment and its symbolic value make the operation digress to the art field.

This is a clearly provocative project (a large archi-sculpture on the lagoon is a pure utopia) and wants to make people thinking about the state of the art in the construction activities in Chioggia, which are always very active, but only tied to sterile speculative dynamics.