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YEAR:                      2018

LOCATION:           Venice | ITA

TYPOLOGY:          Art Installation

TEAM:                  Matteo Silverio, Martin Romeo

PHOTO/VIDEO:    Alaen De Cesare

GRAFICA:               Torleone (Gailli + Rioda)

Murano, The island of glass

This short phrase - universally recognized - contains two inconsistencies.

First, Murano is not an island, but an archipelago of seven islands, connected by ten bridges. The second inconsistency regards the word "glass" - singular. Despite the fact that the material – glass - is always the same, the processing techniques are many, as are the objects resulting from them. A blown vase, a chandelier, a mirror, are different from a glass-bead or a Murrine plate. In Murano there are many glass(es), obtained in furnaces, laboratories and workshops.

The Promovetro Consortium, which currently represents about fifty companies in the Murano area and is now the Vetro Artistico® Murano brand manager, acts as a bridge between these different entrepreneurial realities.

Glass Archipelago represents the multiplicity of Muranese art production through an innovative and immersive installation animated by lights, projections and transparencies. The protagonists of the exhibition are the glass objects selected expressly to represent the best of Murano's artistic production. The suspended structure of the installation aims to recall the topography of Murano: an archipelago of small and large entrepreneurial realities. Multimedia devices animate the glass, making reflections and original colors and details, highlighting the uniqueness of the exhibited objects and the high degree of professionalism of Muranese artisans.