YEAR:                      2016 -

LOCATION:            Murano | ITA

TYPOLOGY:          Product design

Voxel is a be-spoke project designed among the requalification of a small terrace in Murano (Venice).
The initial brief was quite flexible and generic: using wood to create an object able to enrich the owner’s outdoor space. Starting from that, Voxel has been developed. 

The big element shapes the space and re-defines its importance within the domestic activities. Indeed, the bench is made of 350 wood 90x90 morals and uses its expressiveness to redesign the terrace hierarchy as well as its functions. Each wood element is milled on its upper side, while the lower one is raw, creating a voxelized effect which pay homage to the Michelangelo’s non finiti

Each curve has been studied and optimized to enhance the object comfort. Moreover, the height of each element has been informed according to structural loads. This solution optimizes the material use and the total weight of the object.

Thanks to its curvy shape, Voxel can be used for a wide range of activities. For this reason, the shape of each curve has been studied from an ergonomic point of view, fostering the seating comfort.