YEAR:                      2017

LOCATION:            Venice | ITA

TYPOLOGY:          Workshop + exhibition

The Glass Matters project aims to know if on Murano -the island of glass- is possible to establish a dialogue between tradition and innovation, between the know-how of the craftsmanship and new technologies, without losing the sign of the original essence of the artistic craft of the Murano glass, authentic excellence of Made in Italy.


An ambitious (maybe foolish) project of introduction to technology to the ones who, all along work how their fathers used to do in old days. The project does not aim just to create objects with an innovative design, indeed, it arises with the aim of contributing to the development of new design and production techniques.


During the 3 months workshops glass masters and designers have teamed up to investigate how new technologies and digital fabrication tools can foster new ways of manipulating glass.


The results have been showcases during the Venice Glass Week 2017