Architecture    |    Design    |    Research

YEAR:                      2018

LOCATION:           Venice | ITA

TYPOLOGY:          Glass artwork


MuranoGlass beyond the barricades is an exhibition organized for The Venice Glass Week 2018 which aims to show the interpretation skills of glass: its innovative power in representing and confronting contemporary themes in a shattering way.


13 Murano glass factories transformed something ugly, heavy and colorless (new jersey barriers) in a beautiful, light and colorful Murano glass objects.



Globalwarming is causing the rapid and very dangerous melting of the glaciers, the natural habitat of many animal species destined, at this rate, to extinction. From 1980 the Arctic glaciers have suffered a loss in extension of seventeen times the Italian peninsula area, generating a dangerous sea level rise and endangering the lives of over 150 million people living alongside the coasts. Venice and Murano will not be an exception. (un)Frozen wants to reflect on the impact that human beings have on the Earth, promoting a more aware lifestyle.

The work, consisting of about 250 solid glass bricks, has the appearance of an igloo that is slowly melting,exposing the precious “Soffio” vases to the weather as a metaphor of life and fragility. (un)Frozen also wants to give an example of sustainability: it is built using only one material and dry-mounted, making the all components easily reusable and/ or recyclable. 


At the end of the exhibition, the bricks of (un)Forzen may in fact be re-used in other contexts or be re-melted becoming new works of maestro Cenedese.